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Goldie and Keith - Massage Mushing by DeviantK14
Mature content
Goldie and Keith - Massage Mushing :icondeviantk14:DeviantK14 23 4
Goldie and Keith - Massage Therapy by DeviantK14
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Dark Nova Lore Guide Book Chapter 11: NSO Part 1
Dark Nova Lore Guidebook Chapter 11: New Sith Order Part 1
Once a part of The Protectorate Sanctum in their original universe
Later The Master Shanta Empire in the new universe (past events)
In the current universe they are The New Sith Order, joined under The Eynirr Slave Empire
They previously reported directly to Vraukrazhal Tazzir, Master of Espionage and Strategic Planning as a servant honored branch of the Eynirr Slave Empire not like one of the slave races. Of course in time they only saw Ortheka as their master seeing as how the entire faction is controlled by her and was created by her.
Darth Ortheka Smaysma'Shanta, Witch of Korriban, and Master of Dark Sorcery
Ortheka can summon and create Force Ghosts. Taking the souls from countless innocents and anyone that has died, corrupting them and turning them into mad force ghosts. She can divert her soul anywhere she wants including taking over small dolls/ taking over people possessing them. She can
:iconroluevasreisa:RolueVasReisa 1 0
Dark Nova Lore Guidebook Chapter 11: NSO Part 3
Dark Nova Lore Guidebook Chapter 11: New Sith Order Part 3
Geozuno- A long time ago the Geonosians were once part of the SFS. They helped design and pilot the SFS's ships however over time they grew greedy and wanted more power. This greed would turn into hatred until they broke away from the SFS and would eventually wage war on them in the SSF - SFS War. When they lost the war, they were faced with heavy punishments for their involvement in the war. They never stopped hating the SFS so they again tried to build a fleet and launch a war on the galaxy, in retaliation the SFS sent someone who would become a knight, having them cripple their fleet and unleash a monster to make their people weak and never again a threat. The attack devastated them so badly that the Reapers ignored them. They were left untouched until the cataclysm hit. As with everyone, the cataclysm had its own affects on them in the form of a cruel disease making them grow envious jealous and gre
:iconroluevasreisa:RolueVasReisa 1 0
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Hello, to all those that like my art or want to see more ahead of time then watch me on my patreon account.^^

Commission prices are here:

Basic Commission Prices
Sketch: $10
Colored Sketch: $15
Lining: $25
Flat Color: $30
Shaded Color: $40

Extra Characters: +$10 if sketched, +$20 if lined
Props: +$10 each
Background: +$20 if simple, +$40 if complex

Comic Prices
2 Panels Min/6 Panels Max
Ink: $50 per page
Color: $100 per page


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Born: August 31, 1993
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
war doves

If you like my work you can support me on Patreon:
My youtube account:……
(one i actually use.)
My live stream account:

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First one is free then I charge you points after, Friends are always free.^^

Always free, just ask.^^

Trades :
I am always open for trades.^^

I do point commissions: 10-20 Point's, or you can pay me cash which is $5-$20.
Always open.^^

I have a bunch of interests which you can find all those out on my page. No really... you can find all that stuff out in there, just go look XD
I hope you enjoy my art and the rest of my page. :3



These are usually only done for friends or if I'm in a good mood
People who ask for free art requests (who are not close buddies of mine) may not have one
Although, I might make an exception if I like the character(s) or idea(s) they have


Once again, usually only with buddies, but feel free to ask
I'll usually ask other artists for Art Trades

(Commissions) (point Commissions)

Paypal is currently set up and i can receive money
Please send me a note and we can work out a deal ^^

As for things I'll draw and won't draw: ASK ME


Questions from: myhysteria(…)
My answers:
1. Alligator

2. Dark Blue

3. You seem pretty cool :3

4. I can't insult you, you did nothing to me XD

5. Your Character Jack looks pretty cool!

6. Winter

7. A yummy bowl of potatoes xD

8. Solider

9. Earth
10. Dooo eetttt

And yes I


Just ask me.


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